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January 28, 2011

Welcome to the Hard to Staff Schools and Subjects workspace. All members of this wiki have editing privileges for this wiki. This page is not viewable to anyone but Hard to Staff Schools and Subjects group members. You can create multiple pages off the home page and these pages will have the same view/edit restrictions as the main page.

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A few suggestions:

  • Keep subjects for discussion threads specific. (submitted by Pamela, 2/5/11)
  • For Discussion Threads, use REPLY rather than new post if you are adding to an existing discussion. This will help us keep the discussions easy to follow--you shouldn't have to click into a new window for a response to an existing question. (submitted by Pamela, 2/5/11)
  • I don't know if I missed this because I was late to the second meeting, but I'm not seeing any minutes posted yet. I created a separate page for the minutes (see navigation bar at the right: "WikiMinutes"). I didn't have my notes with me at the time, but I posted an outline so people with better notes and memories can fill in the details as they visit. I think to help us remember names, we could each summarize our own introduction in the table provided. Also, that way, if we can post our school affiliations in one table, we would not need to record that each time. Andy, can you hyperlink the PowerPoint from the last meeting to the WikiMinutes? (submitted by Pamela 2/5/11)